​​of Permanent Makeup

Bella Institute

"Creating Natural Beauty"

"Permanent Makeup will impact every area of your life, from personal to professional.  This is the reason we are passionate about what we do."

Our Focus


Founded in 1993, the Bella Institute of Permanent Makeup has been dedicated to the practical training of our students for over 24 years, while at the same time offering Professional Permanent Makeup procedures to our clients.  So regardless of if you are an individual, ready to make a career move and  become a Permanent Makeup Technichian or a client who is ready to look your best 24 hours a day, we are here to serve you and offer only the latest in Permanent Makeup.    

Our students will be guaranted they are learning information and procedures that are applicable in the real world application of Permanent Makeup.  This focus sets us apart from other training centers and schools.  When our students earn their Certification, they can rest assured the curriculum they have competed, will have them fully prepared to have an advanced start over students from other institutions.