Bella Institute

Our Director of Permanent Makeup, Misty Scheib has 14+ years experience as a Technician and 9+ years experience as an Instructor at the Bella Institute of Permanent Makeup in Grapevine, TX.  As a second generation Technician, she also has been trained by world renowned Nouveau Contour, considered to be the world's leader in micropigmentation training.   

Danielle Clark, Senior Permanent Makeup Technician has over 15 years experience and has helped thousands of clients in the Fort Worth and Grapevine area achieve their most natural beauty.  She was originally trained by Bella's founder Debi Childers and has since taken her original core curriculum to a very advanced level.

Judith Clark is the Administrator for the Bella Institute of Permanent Makeup.  She had been with the organization for over 20 years and is responsible for all admissions, state regulations and curriculum.  

Executive Staff

Our Focus

"Creating Natural Beauty"

"Permanent Makeup will impact every area of your life, from personal to professional.  This is the reason we are passionate about what we do."


Founded in 1993, the Bella Institute of Permanent Makeup has been dedicated to the practical training of our students for over 25 years.  Helping to guarantee they are learning information and procedures that are applicable in the real world application of Permanent Makeup.  This focus sets us apart from other training centers and schools.  When our students earn their Certification, they can rest assured the curriculum they have competed, will have them fully prepared to have an advanced start over students from other institutions.


​​of Permanent Makeup